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Just a teenage girl with a love for the internet 🙈

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⚡️ HELP? ⚡️ Hey guys x So lately i have been watching what i eat, and have been trying to eat as healthy as i can to maintain my fitness level. However, my mum thinks i i trying to loose weight. You see... Last year was the worst year ever. And since i am an anonymous writer, i i happy to share this. Anyway last year i was called fat and chubby. And after a while i believed it. I cut and tried to eat as little as possible. But my mum found out and freaked. The thought of her daughter cutting and starving haunted her. I was fine in the end but in that time it was horrible. Im so worried that my mum will worry and i will be more depressed then ever. HAVE YOU EVER SELF HARMED? * comment below * 🌟Unknown girl out 🙈
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